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Dedicated to the memory of Alice M. Jenkins

The Love You Girl Foundation was born of tragedy after our founder's best friend, Alice M. Jenkins who lost her life to the crime of domestic violence. We believe that education and awareness is the key to eradicating domestic violence. 

The mission of our comprehensive program is to educate and empower victims, survivors and advocates through education and awareness and to provide support to community organizations that provide counseling and outreach services to those impacted and those at risk of being impacted by domestic violence. The foundation also gives annual scholarships to students who are active in community service and have met the minimum required standards for acceptance into an accredited college or university.

The foundation is in its eighth year of service and advocacy against the crime of domestic violence. We believe violence is wrong no matter where it comes from and should never be tolerated or accepted.  Our program is modeled based on a comprehensive approach. We are responsive to those who contact us in need of services, by referring domestic violence victims in need of services to local organizations who can assess their needs and provide the necessary services. In the interim we assist in developing a safety plan while a victim awaits an appointment with local  service agency.

Our workshops, presentations and interactive exercise, dispel myths and taboos regarding domestic violence, engages those in attendance, generates conversation and encourages members of the community to join us in advocacy against the crime of domestic violence.

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